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Seashell Exchange

OPENING SOON The Seashell Exchange is where you may begin a new hobby in seashell collecting, grow a seashell collection, or profit from buying, selling, or trading in seashells.

The Seashell Exchange objective is to deliver to you the following opportunities to:

  1. learn
  2. buy
  3. sell
  4. trade
  5. grow

Seashells are an ancient commodity. Today they are more a pseudo-commodity but they still work like money. They breath like money, rise and fall only to rise again just like money. Instead of country bankers stating the value of seashell money, the market or collective of respecters (of seashell value) determine the trading value of seashells.

They use these major factors to determine value.

  1. how rare are they
  2. how old are they
  3. what condition are they in
  4. what bidding activity takes place

This special and uniquely skilled collectors trade uses a mix of science and research with appreciation for rarity, beauty and aesthetics to inspire the trader. A metaphor for the imagination is found in the quixotic light reflecting off these ‘pearl like gems’ that were once the homes of the oceans living creatures.

OPENING SOON – 30 – 90 days (subscribe for email alerts)

Join free as a casual trader, or buyer. Post your collection, set offers and take bids. Safe exchange in escrow until your physical seashells or products arrive. Work with international seashell collectors selling and holding estates everywhere.


Before We Open there is work to be done and money to be spent.

First year operations could cost the Seashell Exchange 5 million in expenses which need to be paid in cash layout. Some capital assets, land and offices, need to be acquired so we had better raise another 10 million instead. 15 Million is 10% of a 150 million online business like this. Clearly it is not worth that now and that is where the margin for growth lies in a 1,000% spread.

On the Stage One entry books is the initial inventory coming from our estate sale, 60K (plus any value in a year of planning 125K, the ideas royalty %1 of gross, the domain name property $25K), and discounting future projected value after the operations are establishes for Seashell Exchange which could grow exponentially, we place today’s valuation at $25,000,000.

(no public offer is made or intended by this announcement) A privately held company is limited in number of participants and to investment with friends and family known to the principles. (subscribe to contact us about becoming a friend of the family)

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Your contact will help you set up any new office workers accounts.

Are you someone who has a minimum $25K USD to participate in our Capital Drive?

Then go to Demo To see a draft of a sea shell shopping cart before the technicians customize everything – and we do mean everything.

Seashells as MONEY.

Shell money is a medium of exchange similar to money that was once commonly used in many parts of the world. Shell money usually consisted either of whole sea shells or pieces of them, which were often worked into beads or were otherwise artificially shaped. The use of shells in trade began as direct commodity exchange, the shells having value as body ornamentation. The distinction between beads as commodities and beads as money has been the subject of debate among economic anthropologists

Some form of shell money appears to have been found on almost every continent: America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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